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How to build effective internal communications in my company?

John Morris

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I just want to share my small experience. In our company we develop a culture to be interested in each other and to give a report about results and achievements in natural form. First of all, need to motivate your teammates to share their victorious experience. To they do it you should praise them and show an example. Need to be interested in their growth and sincerely to be curious about their success. Also, you can ask how to resolve some problem, and they will understand that can ask the same and get the advice. So we created the chat rooms for different topics. This is one of the ways to communicate. One of them is for reports about daily achievements. Another chat is for consulting with each other and also we tell about what we are doing. To make our relationship better we have a lunch together. During lunch, we discuss how to make our process better and what we can improve. This is very natural.
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