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How to manage Inventory Management with Modifiers in Pizzeria for different sizes of pizza ?

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I'm starting using Inventory management. Just to try to have a clarification and be sure i'm not missing something, here's the situation:

I'm running a tipical pizzeria here in Mexico City with loyverse under Android, using KDS.. The products all have different sizes and extra ingredients.

Let's take one example: Pizza Margarita.

The pizza has 3 sizes, and about 20 extra ingredients possible.

1) The natural set up to have a quick entry is this way:

Category: Pizza

Item: PIzza Margarita:

  • Modifier 1: Size
  • Modifier 2: Extra ingredients

The inventory is only at item level, so it cannot count both size and ingredients

2) So we need to divide the item by size

Category: Small Pizza

Item: PIzza Margarita

  • Modifier 2: Extra ingredients

So if I have a menu with 15 pizzas, I now have 45 items. Still the stock of my extra ingredients (which are the same than the pizzas) are still not manage, and represent 5% of my total volume.

3) So i decide to make the extra ingredients as a category. The extra ingredients of course have  different prices per size. So i need 3 categories to have it clear:

Category: Extra ingredients Pizza Small

Item 1: Extra Mozzarella small

Item 2: Extra Pepperoni small

Item 3:....

Category: Extra ingredients Pizza Big

Item 1: Extra Mozzarella big

Item 2: Extra Pepperoni big

Item 3:....

Now I have  105 items to choose from to sell one pizza. But everything is managed in inventory.But it appears difficult to read in the KDS, because the extra ingredients are not included in the pizza.

Taking into account that I sell salads and pastas the same way, I will easily reach the 200 items. It makes a lot of reports useless. I've developped a script (GAS) so i can parse the receipt reports to have the answer to all the questions i need to run the business.

But wait: 15% of my pizza sales are half/half: So my question is the following: A customer order one pizza half margarita/half 4 cheeses with extra pepperoni and extra mushrooms on the margarita side, and extra mozzarella and without goat cheese on the 4 chesses side. What is the best setup of Loyverse for that ?

For the ones interested, i draw a quick scheme of what could be our product structure.

1526156495.pngThanks for the future inputs to my question.





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Your explanation was just great, thanks for all the details.

It's true that it gets complicated when it comes to use modifiers and invenotry management.

Honestly, I would keep it simple.

Yes you need to create separate items for each size, but when it comes to the extra ingredients I would let them as modifiers.

It's true that you cannot track their stock. But you have a report, the "sales by modifier report".

So I suggest you to, based on such report, adjust all your inventory levels afterwards, perhaps at the end of the day, by using the feature "Sotck adjustments", recording it as an "inventory count", setting the right stock of all the ingredients.

More about stock adjustments here: https://help.loyverse.com/help/how-work-stock-adjustments

Yes it's extra work that at first it seems unnecessary, but I believe it will actually make it more easy to speed up sales and keep clean reports.

What do you think?

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After some time of testing, i can more or less manage the inventory, with the drawback that everything should be manual. The most problematic part are the purchase order because the packaging is missing. Example: I will buy a bag of flour of 44Kg. So i've created a item "flour" with the price of 1Kg. I have created an item "dough" which is using "flour" as composite item. The cost calculation is working well, but at the moment I've to purchase more, i will generate an order with the 44 BAGS of flour, not a bag of 44Kg of flour. So basically I have to make a side list with the packaging which is the real purchase unit. If you take into account that the PDF sent to the providers are not counting with any of the reference (SKU or barcode), it is not easy for the provider to know what to do.

So if I summarize the whole process:

-Check the stock in Loyverse vs real

-Make the adjustments manually for the reasons edicted in my first message

-Create a purchase order in Loyverse to know the Stock Status per provider

-Use excel to create the order with the packaging

-When receiving the order, adjust manually each item at loyverse level

It is definitively to much time when you manage more than 200 items at purchase level. It is valid only for the items that you sell at unit level like a bottle of water.

For now, we are not going to use the inventory management. I'm available to make more details requirements for handling the packaging as well of the others functions described above.



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