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How to motivate employees?

John Morris

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There exist different practical ways to motivate the employees like money, possible advance, stabile future, ect. However external benefits are not enough to motivate employees for long time.

The most important is the vision. People get motivation if they get to know the idea which stay as the foundation of your bussiness so that they can see the full picture and find the meaning of their work.

Afterwards employer should be able to comunicate right and often, to give responsabilities and analize periodicaly the results letting the employees know the real situation of their performance. Based on actual result should set up new goals bigger but not overwelming so that employees could raise the sense of achievement and trust themselves for farther steps.

Also the employer is a strong motivational factor for employees because many time the employer constitute an exemple for them. That's why is important that the employer could truly care and guide his employees so that afterwards elder employees could transmit same care for the younger (in case of growing companies).

Another importants factors are team work and personal growth. Everyone likes to live in a healthy and growing enviroment cause this influince the person to become better with less efforts. Personal growth motivates each person and is determined by how much the person undestands the goal of company and how he/ she invests to fulfill this goal. 

In conclusion people are motivated by idea and by people who embody this idea.

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