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How can I open the category menu in the sales window


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    • By andres
      This video shows quick steps to get started with Loyverse POS:
      • Download the app
      • Creating Loyverse account
      • Adding items
      • Making the first sale
       Going to the Back Office and check reports
    • By andres
      Launch your Loyverse POS app and go to the 'Sales' screen.
    • By andres
      You can arrange your items on the sales screen of Loyverse POS in a suitable way by creating new custom pages and organizing the items there.
    • By DamonP
      On sales screen of my phone all the prices are displayed next to the products, but on my tablet the prices are not displayed with the products, or anywhere that I can see. Any way to change so that tablet also shows prices next to products? 
    • By chauh
      I would like to display category as my main page, then choose the item, and add extra.
      example for coffee shop:
      - choose coffee
      - different type of coffee
      - choose add cream and sugar, how many

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