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How to collect feedback from my customers?

Alan Cobain

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You can use feedback boxes in your company to understand what's happening. And I suggest making some tests for your customers where you can ask about things which you need, also create some offering for improving customer base.
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Here are some ways to generate customer feedback:

1)  Post a link to a survey on social media.

Collect feedback by meeting your customers where they are: on social media. Simply post the survey link in a blog post, in Facebook status updates, as a Tweet or Instagram post—any method of sharing on any social media platform will increase the survey's visibility and ensure more people will take it.

2)  Run social media contests.

 Contests get people's attention, and one option is to have followers fill out a survey to enter the contest. Or send the survey after they've entered the contest.

3)  Use Instagram Stories to collect feedback.

 The Stories feature is a great way to collect feedback on one of the most popular apps in the world. Pose questions within the app or conduct a poll.

4)  Have a structured process for getting feedback from your customers.

You need to get customers to tell you about the small things. The easiest way for them to do so is right when they experience it, when they're on your website or app. How do you capture their ideas and issues? Perhaps set up a feedback box in your store premises.

5)  Monitor social media channels.

Engage with your audience, send direct messages, and respond to comments to see how people really feel about your company.

6) Offer a reward in return for feedback.

 You can encourage feedback from every customer by offering incentives in exchange for their input. These incentives can be free shipping, discounts on future purchases, samples, or gift cards. 

7)  Request feedback on the order confirmation page.

Just after a customer has placed an order is the perfect time to get feedback on the customer's shopping experience. 

😎 Create an online community.

Creating a forum or community on your site or a social network is easy to implement and can generate a lot of feedback. It does require continuous monitoring and a moderator. 

9)  Request feedback when a cart is abandoned.

Install a popup with a small text box asking the customer why they did not proceed to checkout. 

10)  Send out email surveys to new customers.

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