Sales tax included as discount

Our sales tax is 11.5%, and sometimes we include that in the price as a bargaining device. My problem is that I do not know how to reflect this in my loyverse system.

Example: Tax included on $1 item, should show, by using rounded numbers, $.90+ $.10=$1.00. However,

1) If I choose the "tax included" toggle, the $.10 tax does not show on the receipt.

2) If I give an 11.5% discount and then charge the 11.5% tax, it gives me: $1.00-$.12 (discount) + $.10 (tax) = $.98 (total). Which I understand is because the discount is being figured on $1.00, while the tax is being figured on the $.88.

I would like an automatic way to do this, but if there isn't, is the only way to do it is with a calculator on hand to figure:

1) 1.00 /1.115 = .90

2) 1.00 - .90 = .10

And then enter into loyverse:

price $1.00

discount $ .10

tax added 11.5%

equals $1.00


thanks for any clarity you can add to this


Thanks so much, Reinaldo. I didn't go as far as the charge, I just looked at the ticket. "Problem" solved! Thanks again.

Happy to help!
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The tax amount also shows on the receipt for taxes "included in the price".

Here is an example:

Sales receipt

As you can see below the total it shows the tax amount. It will appear after you charge the ticket. uses cookies. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our cookies policy. Learn more Ok