Possible to use a cash drawer without a receipt printer?

I have a new client, interested in setting up a Point of Sale. Very basic bar..

He has no need for a receipt printer, but wants a cash drawer to open whenever a sale is processed.

Is there a way to accomplish this through the POS?


You can get dedicated “drawer triggers”. 

We have not used one as we use printers anyway but I’d imagine you just set them up as printer type “other” and put the correct command string in. 

I have an even better idea for you...a push to open cash drawer. I came across this while trying to determine how to add another drawer for a 2nd cashier.

Push to Open Cash Drawer


This is a good application.

seperate cash drawer control .

Actually we are planning on such solution. 

But I'm not sure about the marketing requirement.

If it is big, our company will consider to invest on it to 

make such kind of product. Then you can open cash drawer any time via loyverse,no need to rely on printer again.

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Loyverse POS does't connect to any cash drawer. Currently it uses the triggers from the printer to open the drawer after the sale; in other words, without the printer you can't trigger a cash drawer directly from the app.

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