How to connect POS80c ethernet printer to Loyverse POS?

Hi, Loyverse community! I'm Spanish so excuse me. I have a printer with Ethernet and USB port, but I can't configure correctly. In USB I don't have problems, but in Ethernet I have problems. It's a "pos80c" I think it's Chinese when I connect Ethernet to PC, I can access printer directly putting the IP at a web browser, or I can change the logo with the software. But when connect to the router, I don't have any IP, all have an IP, TV, smartphone, tablet, camera... But the printer doesn't have anything. I did the self-test and put the IP in Loyverse POS, still doesn't work. I restart the printer without DHCP, doesn't work. I put a new IP to the printer from Windows 7, then activated DHCP and connect to router putting the new IP in Loyverse POS and it doesn't work. So anyone can help me plz? Can the printer have Ethernet but don't have to/IP? This is why I can't connect? Thank you.


Solved! I replugged Ethernet cable and it works, I can't understand now it's at router with IP. It's a Cisco printer.

EDIT# My brother change the configuration in the back of the printer has an screw an he switch​switchSW8 there is a driver mode and normal mode. Then plug and unplug again. You can see in photos.  Gracias Rodrigo!

No model

Thanks Rodrigo I was resizing images

When connecting a printer via ethernet you need to make sure both your mobile device and your printer are connected to the same network. Did you assigned the right IP address to your printer? It should match with your devices's IP address. Please consult our troubleshooting help page, go to "Problemas relacionados a la red", this is the link:

Here is also our help page about how to connect an ethernet printer with Loyverse POS:
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