Has anyone tested Epson TM-T82II Ethernet/USB Psu Black AU V2 Thermal Receipt Printer?

Hi there, I have seen T82 tested but I'm not sure if T82 and T82II are different/incompatible. I cannot return the printer once I buy it so I would like to make sure it works with IOS Loyverse on IPAD Air + 24V drawer. Thank all!


Hi. I’m setting up a similar system right now and would like some help.

Q1. Which printer driver did you use? Was it ‘inside’ LoyVerse?

Q2. Did you change the IP subnet for the router - or - change the IP address of the printer? I tried changing the subnet (192.168.15) to match the printer subnet (192.168.22) but the iPad couldn’t wifi using that subnet. 

Q3. If you did, how did you change the printer IP address? Via a pc and Ethernet cable to the router?

Thanks for any advice.

Just confirmed that I have successfully tested the T82II Ethernet + 24V cash drawer + Loyverse on iOS.

My next step is searching for a payment integration solution in New Zealand. Looks like not so many EFPOS providers supports Loyverse atm.

Have a good day!

Hi alan, where did you see t82 works on iOS? I'd like to buy t82 for my iPad, cause its more cost effective for me. Thanks
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Thank you for your testing and this information.
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