Can I make sales with the POS on the computer?


If you are wondering what said, it was:

I installed "BlueStacks" on my PC to emulate Android, then I installed the [Loyverse] App and it worked very well. The [receipt] printer connected via Ethernet, and it opened the cash drawer and printed the receipt correctly. I was searching for that possibility until now. Ufff!!


With BlueStacks, I could connect all my hardware. And loyverse is free, so they cannot make a Windows version. You could download BlueStacks or buy a USB or Ethernet hub for your tablet. There are also many business tablets and phones, like Zebra which have a built in scanner and run on Android. Also, a Chromebook like the Acer Chromebook R11 would be a good machine to run the Loyverse app with built in Android, and the Chrome Browser for back office and other tasks.

How do I connect a barcode scanner to the app?

The obvious question is why should you have to install another operating system on your PC just to run this software ? If you can run the Back Office on your PC then how hard is it to get the rest of the POS to work ? Those that work from home would not have to mess around with tablets or phones to do business. PC's still rule when it comes to ease and functionality over non-responsive tablets and pokey screened phones !!!

Yes, you right, it would be more convenient, if Loyverse POS would have a native version for Windows or Mac OS, but in fact, Windows version it is the new app on the completely different platform and since a this is the free app. this is more arduous and costly and would take a long time. I think.
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Yes, you can Install RemixOS on the PC to deploy the Loyverse on PC 

I was able to use my printer, USB barcode scanner and KDS with BlueStacks.

Yo instalé "BlueStacks" en mi PC para emular Androide, luego instalé la App y funciona muy bien. La impresora la conecté vía Ethernet y abre el cajón e imprime correctamente. Había buscado esta posibilidad desde hace tiempo. Ufff!!


I use remixos for loyverse and I can even use printer in remixos.
Originally this POS was only for mobile devices. Some customers are using on their PC. To do this, you need to install an additional app called "BlueStacks". However, using this you won't be able to connect to a receipt printer or scanner.To connect them to the PC app, you can use RemixOS. But it can't be 100% that it will be compatible. uses cookies. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our cookies policy. Learn more Ok