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Loyverse is a Blessing to the Budding Entrepreneurs

Rodrigo Díaz


BBQ Juan Grill is the brainchild of the husband and wife tandem of Mike and Rose Basilio. Mike has worked for various Export Companies specializing in International Trade. While Rose is a Licensed Interior Designer by profession who has worked for various companies in the Philippines and abroad. Their shared love and passion for food, travel and the entrepreneurial spirit led them to establish a small business which not only satisfies their inner desire to create and provide value and convenience to other people but also allow the couple to share heirloom recipes they personally regard as “comfort food” to people within their community.

Could you describe a bit about your local community?

BBQ Juan Grill is situated in the heart of Pasig City, a highly urbanised district which is part of the Greater Metro Manila Area. While Pasig in itself is bustling with life and activity, BBQ Juan Grill presence beside a park makes it a conducive place to relax and unwind amidst the commotion of daily City life. Being situated in an urban area allows the business to cater to busy City dwellers who want to experience home cooked meals without the hassle and effort of preparing it at home.

How did you find Loyverse POS and why would you recommend Loyverse POS to other retailers like you?

We encountered Loyverse thru the sheer desire to automate our operations and provide value to our customers. We thoroughly searched for the best customizable POS for food service available and found Loyverse to be the best suitable one for our business. Loyverse’s template and categorization also allows entrepreneurs like us to establish and gather relevant inputs and key indicators that help us in the area of forecasting, planning and execution. All of which are aspects very relevant to the success of any business. Moreover, Loyverse focus of customer satisfaction also allows us to create and monitor repeat orders and allow the business to institute a personalized rewards/incentive program thus giving more value to customers and further incite loyalty among them.

What is the goal for your business and what are your plans to achieve this goal?

The goal of the business is to provide value for money products, in this case home cooked meals to people on the go. We streamlined our operations to include home delivery service and we also highly encourage people to call in advance and pick-up food items. We envision giving customers meals with relatively big portions at value for money price points. Owners of BBQ Juan Grill are very much involved in the sourcing, procurement and assessment of every single item on the menu and always looks at the value aspect of each item in mind whenever launching new products in the store.

On the business side of things, aside from striving to put up a profitable venture. The primary objective is to expand the scope of operations and grant more people in similar areas an opportunity to experience the products our business has to offer.

Do you have any advice for retailers such as yourself? - E.g. Something that you wish you had known earlier.

We ourselves are still in the infancy stage as far as our business is concerned. However the adjustment could have been a lot more tedious if it not have been for Loyverse POS. Technology is established and developed for a reason, and if executed properly specially for a good reason it can help make things a lot easier for a lot of people.

People behind Loyverse have noble intentions to provide the latest technology to businesses and entrepreneurs who would otherwise not have access to such a technology. That being said I highly suggest anyone who wishes to get into any sort of business to allow themselves to freely explore ways and means on how to help them achieve their business objectives with minimal strain on their resources.

As the common phrase goes… “Answers are everywhere, you should just know where to look” Loyverse and SongJong Choi has been nothing but a blessing to us budding entrepreneurs. Clearly whatever success we might have achieved in the early phases of our business, part of it can definitely be attributed to Loyverse.

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