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I Run Entire My business with only a Smartphone

Rodrigo Díaz


Our business is a food truck serving coffee to our local area. Originally our idea came about from the food truck trend that started in Brazil over two years ago, so, in using our love of coffee as well as wanting to go into a new field of work, our business started.

How did you find Loyverse POS and why would you recommend Loyverse POS to other retailers like you?

Conveniently, we found Loyverse on the app store, where we were looking for a simple solution to our cashier system problem. We would highly recommend Loyverse to others in a similar situation, it is very easy to use, has a simple layout, and has all the features necessary for developing our business.

The coolest thing is that I can run entire my business with only a smartphone.


Do you have any advice for retailers such as yourself? -E.g. Something that you wish you had known earlier.

Our advice is to know your customers, and to listen to their advice, sometimes it can help; they may have good ideas, or even a solution to your problem. However, I would say, be careful with your distributors, especially if they are just a small business.

What were some of the biggest lessons that has impacted the way that you work? What was the lesson, and what was it like before and after?

We’re still in the beginning stages of building our business, but we are learning not take too big steps. At first we made mistakes such as buying too much stock in the first orders, with more than half of it ending up in the garbage. Now we know that we should buy less, think more about who will buy, and how we can minimise waste or leftovers.

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