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Loyverse Turns Details into Actionable Information for My Cafe in Greece

Rodrigo Díaz


We opened our small family business back in 2011 and we have managed to stay competitive and open, amidst the financial crisis that hit Europe. Kimolia Art Cafe was created through various contributions made by all the members in our family.

It’s that same culture of hand-made and home-made, that keeps Kimolia going after all of these years. Each family member contributes in their own way and therefore, almost 70-80% of the cafe is an outcome of personal labour.

Having an IT background myself, I always look into new methods and tools that can make our work easier. We look for tools that are sophisticated and robust, but at the same time, easy to use and deploy within the specific industry. Why? Because although a tech guy, I really believe that technology for the sake of technology, can only make things worse and can sometimes offer no solution. Using technology for the sake of it, only solves artificial problems that amount to nothing.

On the POS front, most of the solutions that were offered to me from local suppliers, were either too tied up on specific technologies (e.g. windows phones), or too expensive for what they offered. Most importantly, most of them were too complicated and ignored the practical difficulties and particularities of our industry. They did not take into account our needs and worst of all, they assumed that putting a POS system in place was a walk in the park.


They all failed. Then, Loyverse free POS for cafe came along, and blew the competition out of the water. It was intuitive from the beginning, and allowed me to set up the entire menu easily and efficiently. I worked with it a bit, and once I set up the products and prices, I began to test within the cafe, to make sure employees would embrace it.

Loyverse free POS assumed nothing about our business and the representatives were always there to answer any of our questions. They asked for nothing in return and allowed me to feel like part of the entire process.

As a result, I volunteered and translated the entire app in Greek. I am hoping that Greek users will soon have the app in our native language, making it even easier to use. I am thrilled to be a part of this and to contribute, and I definitely feel that Loyverse will be supporting our efforts for many years to come.

I wish I had tried Loyverse POS earlier. This would have allowed us to track our sales more closely than before. This kind of analytics and information is very crucial to the development of our business.

As it turns out, the profit is hidden in the details and Loyverse POS can definitely turn details into actionable information. For all the aforementioned reasons, I would recommend testing Loyverse to anyone. It’s simple, straightforward and most of all, it solves problems without creating additional ones!

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How do you handle the fiscal machine “mydata” in Greece?

I’m from Greece too!!!

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