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Win Hearts This Valentine’s Day With These Ideas for Small Business



Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! And as the season of love starts to fill the air, it’s the perfect time of the year for small business owners and retailers to start thinking about what they can do to win their customers’ hearts. If you’re like most business owners, you’re constantly on the lookout for ways to engage your existing and potential customers. Valentine’s Day is the perfect holiday to reach out to do this!

If you think only the flower shops and gift businesses are the ones making a profit this season, you are wrong! No matter your business, there are countless ways to participate in the Valentine's Day spirit. 

In this blog, we will share some things you can do as we near February 14 (or any day, even) to show your customers how much you love and appreciate them. From Valentine’s Day sales promotions to sweet campaigns, we’ll go through some strategies you can try on and before the 14th.

1. Valentine’s Day Sales Promotions and Partnerships


We've all experienced the business frenzy during the Christmas and New Year's Season. If you feel business has slowed down since then, Valentine's Day is the perfect time to boost your sales! After all, Valentine’s Day is the first consumer holiday of the year, so it's best to make the most out of it.

Use this season to look for opportunities to bring in more profit. If it's even the slightest bit relevant for your business, you can start stocking up on products commonly bought during Valentine’s Day: jewelry, greeting cards, candies, or flowers.

Do you run a pet shop business? Add some cute heart-bejeweled pet accessories or pet toys. Do you own a coffee shop? Win your loyal customers’ hearts with customized coffee cups for the season. 

Don’t forget that Valentine’s Day is more than just about "buying stuff." Many customers want to show their love to their loved ones through a pleasant experience like a romantic dinner or a movie night.  

With this in mind, consider partnering with a local restaurant, cafe, or perhaps your local movie theater. Offer gift certificates or movie tickets as part of your Valentine’s Day promotion. 

2. Amp Up Your Valentine’s Day Sales Promotion


Did you know that 49% of consumers said they would spend more if they encountered “an excellent sale or promotion?” NRF revealed this number in a Valentine’s Day Consumer Flash-Pol. This was followed by 36.4% of celebrants who will spend if they see the perfect gift for someone they didn’t originally intend to buy. Up next is 32.4% of those who will pay for a free gift that comes with a purchase. 

Clearly, we all love a good holiday deal. Start thinking about Valentine’s Day promotions to catch people’s attention and drive sales. You can craft the perfect promotion by considering your goals, products, and customers.

For example, a percentage or a dollar-off might be your best bet if you want to drive sales. If you wish to move slow-moving items, how about a BOGO (Buy One, Get One)  offer? 

Here’s a cute idea: Have your customers buy one entrée and share a kiss with a significant other, relative, friend, or even a stranger–and they can get a second entrée for free. This will allow customers to celebrate love while enjoying a free meal at the same time.

Figure out the best promotion type for your products and consumers, then implement it in your store this Valentine’s Day!

3. Get In Season With Valentine’s Day-themed merchandise


As we’ve said, Valentine’s Day isn’t just for the flowers and gift business.   You can always drive sales by using creativity in your inventory and merchandising in the coming weeks. 

You could start stocking up on Valentine’s Day-themed merchandise. Whether in the retail industry for clothes, accessories, or even furniture and home accessories, consider how to make your products relevant for the season. 

For example, you can start stocking up on things like heart-shaped candles, pink baskets, and plushies to ensure that your product assortment aligns perfectly with Valentine’s Day. 

4. Dedicate a special Valentine’s Day section in your store

If you’re selling many Valentine’s Day-centric merchandise, how about placing them all in one convenient but eye-catching part of your store? Doing so will make it easier for your customers to find the items they need to get in the season.

5. Encourage customers to treat themselves


Self-love is an excellent angle and an even sweeter sales pitch for Valentine’s Day. If your business doesn’t have many romantic, gift-centric items, then encourage shoppers to buy your products for themselves instead.

You can send an email promoting your personalized merchandise and encourage customers to give themselves a well-deserved treat.

6. Find a Valentine’s Day angle for your merchandise

Find ways to infuse your products with the spirit of Valentine’s Day. You can steer clear of teddy bears and candy hearts if these things don’t have anything to do with your business. Instead, find ways to be romantic while still being YOU.

While hardware supplies aren’t really the first things you’d associate with being romantic, check out this funny sales pitch we found, sure to put a smile on your customers’ faces.


7. Your Employees Deserve Some Loving Too!

Don’t forget your employees this Valentine’s Day. Remember, happy staff, make up a happy, thriving business. Give them a special V-Day gift to show your appreciation for their hard work. You can offer your employees a simple but hearty lunch or dessert to celebrate this 14th! 

Doing so will make them happy and so pleased that they’ll pass the love to your customers. Happy employees lead to satisfied customers.

8. Celebrate With Your Customers


Valentine’s season gives you a great reason to throw a party and celebrate. Consider holding a customer appreciation event and treat your most loyal ones to free food and a grand time. You can even run a special sale while you’re at it. If you’re a clothing retailer, maybe you can hold a fashion show with a special Valentine’s Day sale.

If you want to implement social distancing, see if you can organize a virtual hang-out event instead. 

9. Throw In Some Humor!

It’s hard to run out of jokes around February 14, so don’t be afraid to use them, especially on your business’ social media sites. Give your customers a good laugh by poking fun at Valentine’s Day. 

10. Curate gift baskets and boxes


Simplify the shopping experience for your customers by curating gifts for them. Now is the perfect time to sell gift boxes, bundles, and baskets so shoppers can easily find the perfect gift for their loved ones. 

11. Support a charity or local group


Show your customers how much you appreciate them by supporting a charity or organization they care about. Give your best customers a token by sourcing it from a charity or group close to their heart. This will allow you to hit two birds with one stone: you’ll spread the love to customers while supporting a good cause.

Spreading the Love This Season And All Year Round!

The tips above may be Valentine-centric, but with a few tweaks, you can easily recycle these initiatives for other occasions. Whether you’re reading this on Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or just a “normal” day of the year, always keep customer love top of mind and continuously find ways to express it.



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