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A Pizza shop that started on the street and ended up as a highly-respected franchise



In this article, Pablo, from I Like Pizza, is sharing with us his story about the first pizza street stand that, after hard work and the right timing, it got expanded to 4 branches. Take notes because important decisions and partnership strategies were applied to keep such high-quality pizza and survive financially. 

How did you start the business?

First, I’m so grateful to you because I have been using Loyverse for 2 years. The business started 13 years ago, as a pizza street food stand. After a lot of work and time, we could open the first branch and expand more until 4 branches.

We realized that after having the 4th branch, the sales weren’t the same compared to when we opened the first branch. Step by step the sales were decreasing. So what we did was create a franchise. The managers of the branches are the same as the franchise, so they get a percentage from the sales. The breaking point is that when the franchisers want to make more sales, we also grow thanks to that.

The quality of our pizza it’s excellent quality, and it has great cheese. It’s a cheese that has a unique consistency. It’s tasty but also expensive. That is why we’re trying to be thrifty as much as possible but keeping the quality on point as well. So that is why, compared to other systems, the price for the Advanced Inventory is reasonable.


What features help you the most?

The sales report of the Back Office and the Dashboard app as well, because I can see the sales at any moment on my phone. Especially the Sales by Item, I can see how much I gain per item being sold.


What is the philosophy behind the business?

First, no hurries; everything will come up at the right time. And second, do things well, there are no shortcuts.

You have to love what you do because by doing so, you become more creative and even make more sales. And of course, serving the customer with honesty is part of the main values here. So the best slogan would be to create a better world through good work, no shortcuts.

Could you share some advice for those who want to start a business?

Become a good person, that’s the first thing; it’s not worthy to be rich, but without values and disgusting. Even less is to be poor, without values and disgusting. Start with treating yourself with generosity. For example, do exercise, go healthy and respect yourself.

Then, we have to respect our closest circle or relationships, like family and friends. And for sure, be respectful of the neighbors and the whole town. Because doing good things will happen to good people.

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