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Visual Merchandising: Spring has Sprung 2022!



The weather is getting warmer, flowers are starting to bud…And just like that- just before you know it, ladies and gentlemen, spring has finally sprung, signifying hope and new beginnings. It's also the most beautiful time of the year for those with physical retail stores as it’s the best season to go all out in the world of aesthetically pleasing decorations. 

Now that the sun is peeking through the clouds and people are taking off their jackets, don’t you think it’s time to get in the mood and brighten up your store’s atmosphere as well?


The Science Behind It


If you did not know yet, human beings are highly visual in nature. Studies have shown that human beings process most information through the sense of sight. According to researchers, 83.0% is processed by sight, while only 11% is for hearing, and 01.5% is for touch. This is why mastering the art of visual merchandising is such an integral part in grabbing attention and boosting sales. 

Nowadays, putting more attention to store visuals and decor have become more than just a way to present your products. It has evolved into a powerful marketing tactic to convince customers to walk in, purchase and patronize your store through the use of an alluring experience, ambiance and design. Thus, today we present to you the wonderful world of Virtual Merchandising. 

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If you haven’t implemented a few of these subtle yet attention-grabbing techniques in your store yet, we are here to show you how. Today we are sharing with you some simple tips to help you welcome Spring into your store through virtual merchandising.


Splashes of Pastels and Light Hues


Wave goodbye to the neutral or muted shades of winter and start exploring colorful splashes of pastel and light hues as you welcome spring. The beginning of spring is perfect for pastel tones, and even more since Easter is celebrated during the first month of the season. Think of a bouquet of spring flowers – isn’t it always full of greens, yellows, peachy pinks and orangey reds. 

Try to play around with more vivid colors such as: spring green, aqua blue, coral or blush pink, light purple and lots of bright yellow and light-washed apricots. These colors will give you eye-catching accents and instantly give a warm and welcoming Spring vibe to your store’s interior. Don’t be afraid and try to have fun exploring with these soft color combinations. 

A lot of times, when we think of switching up the color tones of our store, we think of changing up the decor in the walls, racks and ceilings- but a light green carpet or floor covering and maybe some soft pink draperies in your shop’s windows can send a warm message to the passersby that spring is here and along with it comes fresh new product offerings from your store. 


Product Arrangements to Make Way for Spring!


Effective Visual Merchandising isn’t just about color and decor, but it’s also about how you present your merchandise too. Not only do you want it to look neat and orderly, but you would want to use your products' arrangements to send a message across through your arrangements. 

Set aside your winter clothings and other cold-weather products and let your customers enjoy them in the Clearance Sale Section- because this time you are making room for Spring merchandise! 

Product placement is a visual merchandising technique in which products are thoughtfully placed all throughout the store to draw attention to them so that, ultimately, customers will be more likely to purchase them. Now you know what to do with your fresh, new Spring items. You make them the star of the show.

Store displays  and products should be arranged by color, alternating two or three shades in blocks, and create dimension by setting items at different heights or following a discreet pattern. The possibilities here are endless. The goal is to arrange and display your products in an eye-catching manner to entice customers, present your brand and of course, to harmonize with everything else in your store.

Nature-Themed Fixtures


Spring is nature’s way of saying, let’s party! This Spring, nature will slowly find its ways to shop windows and interior furniture and design. Our observations in recent months have shown that, especially during the pandemic, people are spending more time than ever out in nature. They have an increasing desire to preserve it and crave time outdoors in the fresh air for their personal well-being. This makes it a great idea to incorporate nature right in your store’s ambiance.

Bring a warm and natural feel to your store with display fixtures made from nature-themed and eco-friendly materials. Sugarcane and bamboo hangers look and feel great while also fulfilling your corporate social responsibility to protect the environment from pollutants.


Flowers, Flowers, Flowers…


Well, obviously. Almost synonymous with Spring, flowers are making their glorious arrival. Flowers are abundant in spring 2022. Place flower-themed decor right in the shop window and at the POS. Have pretty floral prints or paper flowers or if you’re feeling fancy, a romantic floral arrangement right at the entrance to make the message clear. And guess what? It’s not just about fresh flowers in full bloom, but the trend of dried flowers will live forever. 

You can choose flowers with natural tones, from off-white to beige tones in all hues and nuances. You may add colour accents using rust tones like sage, fresh yellow or cool blue. If you own a food business, consider adding petite bouquets of flowers to your tables, either fresh or fake, it doesn’t matter. 

You may want to buy a few potted plants to display outside the store and have hanging paper flowers in various shapes and colors for window displays.


The right signage


Eye-catching and colorful signs do wonders when it comes to making a successful sale. With the right placement and design of signages, you can draw your shoppers to your top-selling merchandise. You can do this with a Double Sided Black Message Board and maybe a few Fluorescent Markers for a crafty and homey feel. Make sure you don’t crowd the sign with too much information – the goal is to sound short, sweet and clever.

Your signage play a significant role in defining what your customers see and interact with and how they understand your store and products, so do not take these for granted. 

Signage outside your store is just as important as the ones inside. Think of your exterior signage as the greeting your business is giving out into the world. Outside signs give you a great opportunity to promote deals and your fresh new product lines this Spring. Use them to tell people about your business, or even for setting the tone before they even come into your store. 


Keep it fresh and looking brand new!


Finally, upkeep. The goal this Spring is to keep the store’s ambiance and appearance fresh. You can achieve this by regularly rearranging and reworking displays throughout the season. If your loyal customers visit your store and see the same layout and design, they are most likely to walk right past your displays straight to the items they’re looking for. 

In addition to this, your new arrivals and clearance merchandise have to be sorted into your arrangements as your inventory moves and changes over time. Oh, and don’t forget to straighten up your store fixtures as products become disheveled and clean often for a tidy image.


The Bottomline

The bottomline is, visual merchandising isn’t just about enticing the sight. It affects every customer-facing aspect of your business and that includes ambiance, atmosphere, the feel and just their overall shopping experience with you. Spring is a lovely time to brush up your visual merchandising skills as it is the season of possibilities, new hope and new beginnings for you and your business.

The techniques and tricks that we shared with you here today will allow you to create a store that is not just aesthetically pleasing but also in line with what your brand stands for and the kind experience you want your customers to have with you. Good luck!



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