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Discover Loyverse Advanced Inventory Management - New and powerful features for retailers



As Loyverse, we’ve come to know many of you, our users, and we are learning a lot from your feedbacks. 

Today, we want to present you a new update, the Advanced Inventory Management, which involves a whole new range of possibilities that we believe are very useful, and necessary, for those of you who are growing big and need more powerful features to keep your business thriving. So keep reading to see what we bring to you today! 

Advanced inventory management

Inventory management allows merchants to organize their stock, control receiving goods, recount their products, and keep track of goods transferred between multiple stores and warehouse.

So what does the Loyverse system offer? Let’s dig into it!

Loyverse’s "Advanced inventory management" includes a set of additional functions in the Back Office that allows users to more efficiently keep track of items in stock, monitor any changes in the inventory, and also launch a mechanism for more accurate calculation of business profitability indicators. This option is only available in the paid subscription.


The following is a list of functionalities that are included in the "Advanced inventory management" package:

  • Purchase orders allows you to create and save orders for the supply of products, to send orders to suppliers, to receive products, and to save information of suppliers in the system.
  • Transfer Orders functionality allows a multiple store owner to distribute items correctly between his/her stores.
  • Stock Adjustments functionality allows you to modify the stock of items and indicate the reason for that adjustment.
  • Inventory history allows the user to view records of all the changes made in the inventory, including transfers, purchase orders, and adjustments
  • Inventory Valuation Report gives an understanding of the total cost of the inventory and potential profits from their sale.

A whole new world, isn’t it? If you think you may benefit from this upgrade, then wait no more! We have prepared a 14-day trial in order for you to get the whole experience and make sure that it’s right for you. And of course we have also prepared some necessary help materials to help you handle these new options. Check the links below for more info.

This is just the beginning of a really exciting year! Along with this big release, we are bringing a new feature for Loyverse POS for iOS: Item Variants.

“What about Android?” You may ask. Don’t worry! It’s coming, everything will come! You guys are truly amazing, and we are so grateful for your patience and support. We feel very embarrassed every time we come in front of you with the same excuses, believe me... 

The work is still in progress and there is a lot to do, so on one side, we happily go back to our duties to be able to present many more new features for you all. On the other side, however, we’re not so satisfied because we know that it’s still not enough. But we’re always working hard to bring the best for you all!

Stay tuned on our social media pages for news and updates! Also, please let us know how you like the new update, or send us your pictures showing how you are using Loyverse in your business. We look forward to seeing them!

Reference to help articles:

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