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Young entrepreneur from Chile is thankful to Loyverse for helping him manage his store effectively.



Deffer is an electronics store based in Chile. The owner of this business, Mr. Sepulveda, is an ambitious entrepreneur who has a passion for electronics devices and aims to develop his business further by opening several branches nationwide. He has been using Loyverse since he opened his physical store and shared his experience with us in the below interview. 

-When did you start your business? What services or products do you offer?

I have a business of electronic devices. My business started about 1 year ago. The products sold are related to the protection of Smartphones or technological devices (screen glass, phone cases, earphones, keyboards, etc.). I currently have 4 employees. I chose this type of business because I have been working in this sector for almost 3 years now, but only one year ago I decided to open my physical store. I decided to be a business owner because of the independence it gives to a person. 


-How do you advertise your business to attract your customers?

The store is located in a busy place and related to the business area. This has been very helpful for the business. It is nearly impossible to not notice our store when you pass by. I also use social media and we are already making the necessary advertisement for the online store we are planning to open.

-How does your company compare with the competition in the market?

We work with specific products, unlike our competition. We import the product directly from China. We work focused on products, instead, our competition focuses on electronic device repair services.


-What are your objectives for the next 5 years?

My goal for the next 5 years is to open at least 5 branches related to the same business, in addition to working with my online store which is also my focus at the moment. I also plan to open another type of business within 2 years.

-How did you find Loyverse? Was it a recommendation or did you find it yourself searching the web?

I found Loyverse via the web looking for an app for inventory and management. Loyverse was the first POS that appeared in the results, so I decided to give it a try. 

- How has your business or the workflow in your business changed since you started using Loyverse?

Loyverse has helped me to manage information in a simpler way with data, whether in merchandise, profits, products that are sold the most, etc.


- What do you think is the most interesting feature or product of Loyverse and why?

Adaptability with smartphones and connectivity from anywhere with internet access, because it makes easier for me to carry the information with me wherever I go. For example if I go shopping and forget to order a product, I can easily verify it from my smartphone. I am using Employee Management and Advanced Inventory add-ons. I think these add-ons make the app very complete and help me manage the stock of my items efficiently. 

-What do you want to see in Loyverse in the future?

The points that I would like to comment on are related to my use of Loyverse, so this may not relate to other customers.

I use SumUp to accept card payments from my customers. I would like to be able to do partial refunds when the receipt has been done via SumUp and not only a full refund. 

 I am using the Advanced Inventory features. What I would like to see in the future in this section is:

- the losses that are recorded in Stock Adjustment to affect my profit

- have the possibility to add new reasons for a Stock Adjustment in addition to the four reasons that are there by default. 

-At the moment, my business is small and therefore, the information we have about the business is sensitive or confidential regarding employees, so what I would like to suggest is when an employee has to make a purchase order, he should not enter the costs of each product. 

-What message would you like to give to the Loyverse team?

I am happy with the Loyverse. Keep it up with the good work and keep developing the app further.


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