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A home decor store in the beautiful city of Marbella uses Loyverse POS system since the first day it opened.



Manesti Interior are interior architects whose vocation is to follow you in the realization of your projects and development. The company was founded in 2008 in Belgium and now they also have a branch in Marbella, Spain. Manesti Interior offers their interior design services through the sale, as well as the assembly of custom-made furniture, in addition to accompanying their customer hand in hand in the realization of any work, interior design, or landscaping with the aim of improving its living conditions inside your home or garden.

The representative of Manesti Interior in Marbella shares his experience working with the Loyverse POS app and the message to the Loyverse team.

When did your business start in Marbella?

We started 3 years ago. We started with manufacturing home furniture on MDF and then we split into an interior design shop. We sell to customers that come to our store and look at the furniture that we display. And we do interior design projects for the whole house or office.


Why did you decide to work on interior design?

Because, in this city where I live: Marbella, it is very common to have a decoration shop or an interior design shop. Marbella is a well-known city inhabited by mostly wealthy people. The majority of the people here are English but there are also people from France, Belgium, and Russia. They look for special decorations or special interior designs and this is the reason why we decided to open this shop. This business started first in Brussel and then we decided to have the second store here in Marbella. 

How do you compare with other interior design stores in the market?

I don’t consider other interior design store competitions, they are my colleagues. My customers are not their customers. Our strongest point is that we don’t exaggerate with the prices of the items that we sell. We are against this kind of practice, we think it is not legal. We cannot buy a pen at 2 Euro and sell it at 10 Euro. I just take my margin and it is ok. Because here everything is exaggerated. We have an architect design business next door. We talk and exchange ideas and share about projects that we might be dealing with, but we don’t consider them as a competitor. It is the same as if you go to San Trope in France. There are a lot of restaurants and beach clubs because there is demand for that. It is the same here in Marbella. There are so many interior design businesses because for each of them there is a market. 


How did you first learn about Loyverse?

When we rented this building to open our business, the person who had been using the place was using the Loyverse POS app. She also had a decorations shop and she recommended your system. I tested it with a few items first. I found it very easy, very practical and very useful. There are a few things that we would like to ask to improve. For example, I would like to have the option to send an invoice with the VAT number and all details of the company. We have a lot of customers that buy in the name of the company and they don’t like to have a receipt; they want to have a real invoice. Currently, we are managing this situation using another system in addition to Loyverse that is specialized in invoice generation. All the other features, the stock and everything is working very well. I am pretty happy with it. 


What feature would you emphasize as the most useful for your business?

We are using the Advanced Inventory feature. We are delighted with it. I also like that each document from the Advanced Inventory - Inventory history and Inventory valuation - section can be exported in a CSV file and can be opened easily and correctly in Excel. Everything is fantastic. The production where I can see all the produced items. I have added the suppliers in the system, and whenever I add a new item, I indicate the suppliers for this item. I also think the low stock notification is a good feature but to be honest I don’t use it very often. This is because we are not so big and we don’t often buy the same products that we might have used before. I cannot specify only one feature. I think everything is perfect. 

What is your message for the Loyverse team?

For me, everything is great with the app so, I have only congratulations to say to you. 


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