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An online bakery store succeeded as an anti-COVID 19 pandemic business with Loyverse POS



The Boss Bakes_Fairview is a home-based business created when the mall-based business got hit by the pandemic. As an anti-Covid strategy, the Manliclic family started this online business from their small kitchen in Fairview, Quezon City.

- Could you introduce your business?

We are The Boss Bakes_Fairview based in the Philippines, started in October 2020, and now we are reaching our 1st anniversary. We offer home-baked products, with coconut pie as our main product.


- It is interesting that you started a new business while the COVID-19 pandemic is ongoing.

Actually, It is started as a COVID-19 project. Our main business limited its operations due to the pandemic. During that time, sales had a steady decline because of less foot traffic inside the malls as the government restricted people from going out and so most of the sales were done online. We had a lot of wastage of raw materials which were primarily coconut products.

The Boss Bakes_Fairview was born out of our desire to lower the operational cost of our existing business by reducing wastage from our daily mall operations. Our family started this small home-based business; sharing our classic baked recipes from our kitchen in Fairview, Quezon City. The main product is the Boss Buko Pie (coconut pie) which resulted to a 95% reduction of wastage by making use of the excess coconut meat from our mall stores. This addressed the problem of operational cost and at the same time, became a source of additional profit for the family members during the pandemic. There were even times when we had more sales coming in from baked goodies compared to our mall-based business.


- What is the common goal of your family?

We are keen to achieve customer satisfaction. Especially, this is a business that started within our family. We want to serve our customers quality home-baked products just like we would bake for our family and loved ones. 

We also do customer care after their purchase to know customer satisfaction and their feedback.
We are proud of our quality and continuously improving our products to fit customer’s needs.

We aim to expand our market reach by boosting online sales and reseller's program. We want to add value to our local community by simply providing quality home-baked products at a lower cost and creating an alternative source of income for our partner couriers and local resellers during these challenging times.


- What is the benefit of using Loyverse for you?

Loyverse has always been a helpful tool in managing our business. We have been using it in our mall stores and we made sure that Loyverse was on top of our tools' list when we launched The Boss Bakes_Fairview. Reports and the dashboard are readily available which help us in decision-making, creating projections, and even considering potential business expansion. The sales are reflected in real-time with the intuitive app providing a wide array of data cuts and views. We love its user-friendly dashboard feature. Thank you for sharing this awesome tool with our growing business community.

- Thank you so much.

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