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Top 6 Popular Brands of Devices for Loyverse KDS Users



Which tablet is the most popular among Loyverse KDS users? It is the topic of this research. But after researching all the data, we realized that we could not answer this question and the best solution is to pay attention to the most popular brands and their models.

The Loyverse Kitchen Display System app works in conjunction with the Loyverse POS app, which allows you to send orders to the kitchen and help waiters get their work done faster. Its scope is restaurants, cafes, and bars. The latest update of Loyverse KDS with the dark theme will be beneficial to bars.

You can always get technical support in our community in the Loyverse KDS section, or in our help center, download the latest version from Google Play or the App Store.

The rating of tablets is based on the principle of popularity, which means that the first place is the most popular in use.

1. Apple iPad

Apple iPad

Apple tablets are definitely the leader of our rating and represent almost all generations of iPad tablets from the 2011 (2nd Gen iPad GSM) release to the 7th generation model (iPad 7th Gen 10.2-inch).


  1. iPad 6th Gen (WiFi)
  2. iPad mini
  3. iPad 7th Gen 10.2-inch (WiFi)
  4. iPad Air 2 (WiFi)
  5. iPad Air (WiFi)
  6. iPad2,1 : 2nd Gen iPad
  7. iPad (2017)
  8. iPad mini Retina (WiFi)
  9. 2nd Gen iPad GSM
  10. iPad 4 Wi-Fi
  11. iPad 3 Wi-Fi
  12. iPad Air (GSM+CDMA)
  13. iPad Air 2 (Cellular)
  14. iPad mini 4 (WiFi)
  15. iPad Pro 11 inch 3rd Gen (WiFi)

The most popular versions of iOS running Loyverse KDS

The most popular versions of iOS running Loyverse KDS.

2. Samsung


Samsung tablets take the second place thanks to a wide model range.

Only two representatives of the SM-T560, SM-T561, belong to the budget line Galaxy Tab E.

All our other customers have opted for more powerful devices from the Galaxy Tab A line.


  1. SM-T580
  2. SM-T510
  3. SM-T295
  4. SM-T280
  5. SM-T285
  6. SM-T560
  7. SM-T530
  8. SM-T290
  9. SM-P355
  10. SM-T515
  11. SM-T585
  12. SM-T561
  13. SM-T350
  14. SM-P205
  15. SM-T560NU
  16. SM-T535
  17. SM-T116NU


3. Lenovo


Lenovo tablets took third place among Loyverse KDS users. Most of them are representatives of the budget class from the TAB line.

The only flagship with a FullHD display and a unique design is the Lenovo YT3-850F.


  1. Lenovo TB-X104F
  2. Lenovo TB-X103F
  3. Lenovo TB-7104F
  4. Lenovo TB-X505F
  5. Lenovo TB-X304F
  6. Lenovo TB3-710F
  7. Lenovo YT3-850F
  8. Lenovo TB3-710I
  9. Lenovo TB-7304F
  10. Lenovo TB-7304I
  11. Lenovo TB-X304L
  12. Lenovo TB-8504F
  13. Lenovo TB-7104I
  14. Lenovo TB-8504X


4. Huawei


Huawei tablets take the honorable fourth place in the price category of 150-200 USD. Those Huawei models were released in 2018-2019, so they still have Google Play, and Loyverse KDS can be downloaded freely.


  1. AGS2-W09
  2. AGS-W09
  3. AGS2-L09
  4. AGS-L09
  5. AGS-L03


5. Nexus


The fifth-place occupies Nexus, which can still be found on the shelves of online stores for a symbolic price of up to $ 100.


  1. Nexus 7
  2. Nexus 10
  3. Nexus 9


The most popular version of Android running Loyverse KDS
The most popular version of Android running Loyverse KDS

Examples of working places with Loyverse KDS

You can supplement our research by attaching a photo of your Loyverse KDS in the comments, the best we will present in this article.

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