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Best information resources for small and medium business



Running a small business is not an easy task. Every day small and medium business owners face many challenges, and they need to make decisions that influence their development. We collect some information resources that may help merchants to make their decisions more efficiently.

Small Business Trends


Small Business Trends review tech products, cover small business news and interview movers and shakers. The site contains over 20,000 pages focused on tips, trends, and answers for practical questions. It is a hub of more than two million entrepreneurs, business owners, influencers, and experts. The company office is in Florida, USA.


Fit Small Business


Fit Small Business is an advanced digital resource for small business owners. It provides comprehensive and actionable content for merchants to succeed. Small business owners are enthusiastic and driven about what they do, and Fit Small Business's mission is to deliver the best answers to their questions.




One of the oldest (more than 100 years) and well known American resource of business information, Forbes has a chapter on its website dedicated to small and medium businesses. They publish news, recommendations, reviews that may potentially benefit small business owners.


The Balance Small Business


The Balance Small Business provides practical advice on entrepreneurship and management covering personal finance, career, and small business topics. The website content is divided into four big categories: starting your business, operations, law and taxes, and management. 


Merchant Maverick


Merchant Maverick’s mission is “Small business made easy.” There are combinations of reviewing and comparing software for small businesses with informative articles on business, technology, marketing, and other industries. The website contains much in-depth research in 20 different areas, including point of sale systems, credit card processing, business loans, credit cards, finance, accounting, eCommerce, etc.




Business.com contains a lot of mission advice, tips, and resources to help people grow their business. The website also has a community of business owners, marketers, and sales experts to help through first-hand advice and engaging discussion.


Business News Daily


Business News Daily provides insights and advice from experts, and actionable knowledge business owners can use to make the everyday decisions needed to start and grow their businesses.




Business.org provides research, product reviews, and expert recommendations for small- to mid-size businesses to help them choose the right tools and services for growing. All content is divided into sections: Start, Grow, Financing, Accounting, Inventory, and others. 


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