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What is the best email marketing tool for your business?



Whether your product is content in a blog or an item in a store, in the end, you want as many people to get to know your product and buy it. It is at this point when marketing begins to play a significant role.

How, then, can your product reach your target audience? Some of you may think that social media websites- such as Facebook or Instagram- are great tools to advertise your product and reach many people. Although this may work for some time, you do not have much control over the process, since you depend on the changes that take place within these platforms. Moreover, people who access these sites are merely browsing for ways to relax or to get entertained rather than looking to buy something.

With this being said, what would be an excellent tool for reaching a broad audience and converting your potential clients into active clients? I think many of you can quickly answer this question just by reading the title of this article. Nevertheless, the chances are that not all of you are familiar with the benefits of using email marketing tools; what's more, not all of you may be sure about the best email marketing tools that fit your business.

Email marketing can also be utilized to reach out to your regular customers. You can send them email notifications about your business promotions, offers, discounts, etc. The success of the business depends on continuous engagement with customers. And it is a good tool to increase your loyal customers.

What are the main benefits of using email marketing tools?

First, it helps to control the relationships with the audience by ensuring what emails would arrive in the customers' inbox. You can decide upon the order and frequency of your messages being sent, and making sure that your client gets the information you want them to. Furthermore, the reports in these email marketing tools allow you to analyze the rate of emails delivered and how often those emails have been opened. By email testing on different days and at different hours, you can determine the most effective time to send it. What's more, you can use the email scheduling system as well.

Second, it can reach a large number of people instantly. You can reach your existing customers or old customers. Still, the potential clients who expressed some interest in your product can be contacted by simply visiting your website and subscribing to newsletters.

Third, it saves time and effort by using the automation function. Selling is an activity that requires a lot of investment; that being the case, it would be excellent if some machine could help with that? The automation allows you to schedule the newsletters to be sent on a specific date, either regular or one-time messages, to provide email series that help your clients to get familiar with your business and to send automatic replies.

Fourth, the tool enables the function of customization and segmentation. Many of these tools provide a lot of templates and instruments for a personalized approach. For instance, a customer may feel more personal and show more interest in your company when his/her name is mentioned in the message. Another essential feature is segmentation; it can help you send relevant messages to your clients considering their interests and how they respond to your emails.

The fifth is low costs. Depending on the number of email contacts and the number of messages that you intend to send, you can choose an optimized payment plan. Email marketing tools can be used, according to your necessities, paying from $0 to a few hundred dollars per month. Most of these services offer a free trial for the first month and then from the following month gives you the option to choose the plan fitting to your business needs.

Finally, they offer technical support. For entrepreneurs of small businesses with small teams, it is not always economical for the company to hire extra personnel to take care of the technical issues. It is the reason why many of these email marketing instruments include such as video tutorials, support chat, and even phone support.

What are the best email marketing tools?

The word "the best" is often associated with the highest quality of a product. When referring to the email marketing tools, "the best" are those who achieved the highest results by having the largest number of users. 

There are multiple options for email marketing tools, and often they offer similar basic features. The following are some of the most popular services that can help decide the most suitable service for your current business's email marketing campaigns.



Mailchimp is one of the most popular email marketing tools used by small and medium companies due to its easy to use features. It offers many templates and shows statistics of clients' reactions to your messages. With Mailchimp, you can reconnect with the clients who discard some products in the shopping basket. It can be used free of charge, as long as the emails sent are less than 2000 emails/ month.




Sendinblue is ideal for businesses looking for marketing automation, transactional emails, and SMS messages to engage with the audience. It has a simple pricing structure, which increases with the number of emails you send. With Sendinblue, you can send up to 9000 emails/ month free of charge. 

Constant Contact


Constant Contact, the platform with the fastest growth, is appreciated by those who are beginners in email marketing. The reason lies in its simple and smooth tools they have and their support. Automation function is often used to send welcoming messages for those who subscribe to the newsletter for the first time and send emails at crucial moments to catch the receiver. For the first month, they provide a free trial, subsequently the price increases depending on the numbers of contacts.




GetResponse is a suitable solution for those who need to send different emails to clients according to the information clients provided in the subscription forms. Besides, segmentation is a powerful feature of this platform, allowing you to categorize your clients and check their interests by tracking the links they click on. Their visual interface is simple Drag and Drop type, which helps decide the content of your next message effortlessly. Get suggestions on your response emails as an instrument for webinars that may help you create some events for your subscribers.




HubSpot is a powerful but easy to use platform for growing businesses that integrates various services, including CRM. Hubspot can be the right choice for those businesses whose marketing team wants to keep all company functions in one place. Its integrations and the reports on social performance are helpful for monitoring and explaining all the numbers that are not straightforward to understand. Its pricing starts at $50 per month for 1000 contacts.




ConvertKit is an excellent solution if you are a blogger. It offers a reserved section for creating email marketing campaigns to promote online training courses and integrates seamlessly with the services most used by bloggers and journalists. The drawback is that they do not provide a free trial period.




AWeber is also simple to use and integrated with CMS platforms such as WordPress and social networking sites like Facebook. These integrations allow you to implement subscription forms in newsletters quickly. Email automation and statistics regarding the reader's behavior are helpful for marketing campaigns. You can choose your preferred payment plan after 30 days of a free trial.



Infusionsoft is a service used by the most popular blogs in the world, and it is needless to say that it works with big lists of emails. It is quite a sophisticated platform that includes all the necessary tools for targeting, segmentation, and reporting. To use its maximum capacity, it requires some technical knowledge. Generally, it is designed for a medium and large companies where employees are in charge of the technical tasks and can afford to pay a high price.




Drip is a new and innovative platform developed by the company Leadpages. It is a more affordable option for those who cannot pay for Infusionsoft.


While choosing suitable email marketing tools for your business, the safest way requires some period of trial and testing. Furthermore, by referring to official websites for each of the different services, you can obtain appropriate information. There you will be able to find complete information on features and pricing and access tutorials and support if you have questions.

If you have experience with other good marketing tools and think that they deserve to be added to this list, please write about them in comments.


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