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SumUp payments for Android and tips for iOS

We are happy to announce that since the version of the Loyverse POS app 2.10.2 for Android, the app can be integrated with SumUp card readers.

First, you have to download and install the Sumup app on your device. Then connect the SumUp app with your SumUp account.
When you make a sale in the Loyverse POS app and choose SumUp as the payment type, SumUp will open to process the payment through the SumUp reader.


Details on how to connect Loyverse POS app on Android devices with SumUp card readers.

Loyverse POS app on iOS devices has had integration with SumUp terminals from before. Now, you have the possibility to add tips when accepting card payments through SumUp.
You can configure the tips that will be displayed on the POS when you set the SumUp payment method in the Back Office.


During the sale, the cashier can select the tip amount desired by the customer by selecting one of the predefined tip amounts on the Loyverse POS.


Details here: How to Add Tips to Payments Made through Card Readers



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When does the tip screen appear? After the customer pays, when he signs? I would like to know exactly to understand the flow. Thanks!

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Tips appear on the Loyverse POS app and on the connected Customer display (now only on CDS app for iOS). Customers can select suggested tips or enter other values on CDS by himself.


However, the signature screen for card transactions appears only on Loyverse POS. So the cashier has to give POS for the customer to sign.

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Thanks Andy for the prompt response. 

When does the tip screen appear? Is it before the card is inserted? Is it right before the signature screen?

I'm assuming it's total checkout page, then tip screen, then credit card gets inserted, then signature? Knowing the order would be helpful.

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Yes, correct, the order is like this:
checkout page,
tip screen, 
credit card gets inserted,

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