Why does my hardware frequently disconnect from the app meaning I have to shut the app down and re-connect the Star mPOP to the app?

I run a small retail business and if a time lapses between customers (say 30 mins or longer) then I have to completely shut down the app and then restart it in order to get the app to work with the hardware. Is there a fix for this? 


3-7-3. Auto Connection Function (iOS only) Each time the wireless connection is disconnected while communicating with upper-level iOS devices including iPad over Bluetooth, it is necessary to move back to the Bluetooth setting screen in the upper-level iOS device and tap the desired printer name again to build a connection. This is an iOS specification. In order to save this labor, this printer is equipped with the Auto Connection function that automatically requests a connection from an upper-level iOS device that was connected to the printer last time. The default setting of this function may differ according to the printer model you are using. Confirm the default settings for your printer, as well as the use examples for ON/OFF settings, and then make the settings to match your purpose. You can also check the current ON/OFF setting by performing self-printing. < Confirmation procedure by self-printing > (1) While the printer cover is closed, hold down the FEED button on the operation panel, and then turn on the power switch. (2) Self-printing starts and the settings for F/W version, DIP switch, memory switch, and so on are printed. Subsequently the interface information is printed and finally the current ON/OFF settings are printed. Note: If "Auto Connection function" is set to ON when using devices other than iOS, a Bluetooth communication with the printer may fail. To use devices other than iOS, such as the Android/Windows devices, make sure you turn off the "Auto Connection" function before using the printer. For information on how to set up this function, see "3-7-4. Setting up Auto Connection".

On another Star printer - the Bluetooth auto-connect mode might be the culprit.  Check what mode your printer is in.  On or Off - here is what my star printer manual indicates:

3-7-4. Setting up Auto Connection uSetting up from the Main Unit for the TSP650II Note : The following procedure explains how to change the Auto Connection function setting from ON to OFF. If you want to change it from OFF to ON, please follow the same procedure. (1) When paper is loaded in the printer and it is turned on, the [POWER] LED(green) on the front of the printer turns on. (2) If you hold down the [RST] button on the back of the printer for at more than five seconds, initial operations are performed in the same way as when the power is turned on, and the LEDs on the front of the printer flash. If you press the [RST] button when the printer is placed upright, place it horizontally again while the LED is flashing. (3) The following information is printed. After that, turn the printer off and then back on again to set "Auto Connection" to OFF. (4) To make sure "Auto Connection" is set to OFF correctly, perform self-printing as described in "3-7-3. Confirmation procedure by self-printing”. Note : Only Bluetooth Firmware Version 2.0 or later allows you to switch ON/OFF by pushing the [RST] button. The Bluetooth Firmware version can be confirmed by self-printing. (For more information, see "3-7-3. Confirmation procedure by self-printing

Hi guys, I’ll try to disable sleep mode today and let you know if that improves the situation. Thanks so much for your help!

You can turn OFF sleep mode on your iPad and Bluetooth will be always on.


Due to lack of activity, the tablet bascially will log off a bluetooth device to save battery. It's more of an issue with the tablet then LoyVerse.

Hello. We have no such issues with Star mPOP before.

Can you send some information, please?

1. Your iPad model

2. Your mPOP model, which write on the sticker.

star mPOP model number

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