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How do I boost my business profits?

Marry Zhuly

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Hi, In order to boost your profit you can try to play with next things:

  1. Increase your lead generation strategy. Try to involve professionals into this process. 
  2. Work with your Lead Conversion. This % should grow.  and always research how you can transfer your leads into real users.
  3. Increase number or sales/transactions. 
  4. Size of Transaction. Average receipt.  You should be continually looking for ways to up-sell each customer so that he or she buys more each time.
  5. Profit Margin Per Sale. Decrease cost of goods but do not decrease quality.  :)
  6. Cost Of Customer Acquisition - this point is very connected with your leads generation but exist difference.  
  7. Increasing Customer Referrals - make mouth-radio. 
  8. Eliminate Costly Services And Activities
  9. Raise Your Prices - but do not make it too high. should be some balance. 

And the last advice - if you feel that you did already everything that you could - that you need to ask outside people who can look at your business from other angel and find new ways and holes. 

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