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How to create a small car workshop at home?


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Before opening a garage in a garage, you must first evaluate the level of competition. This will help you understand if it is worthwhile to open a workshop in your area. If your neighbor in a garage cooperative already offers such services, it is better to look for another room or completely abandon this idea. In addition, you need to carefully think through all the nuances and draw up a detailed business plan with calculations. To say exactly how much it is to open a car repair shop is difficult, because the final amount of financial investments depends to a large extent on what services you plan to offer to customers. Investments pay off in about 1 year. The main thing in this kind of garage business is the presence of a special pit in the room, equipped with a good illumination and the opportunity to inspect the bottom of the car qualitatively. Startup car service can start quite unexpectedly - if you are a car enthusiast and are well versed in car repair, you can help repair first acquaintances and then strangers. The stories of successful "home business" know a lot of facts, when part-time work became the main work of a private nature. In order to increase your chances of earning good money, you can enroll in auto mechanics courses and there to improve your knowledge of the device and car repair. In addition, the service of caravanning is gradually gaining momentum and the creation of residential caravans will soon be very relevant. You can also open a mini-auto-tuning service, provide services for removing dents and scratches, painting cars or flocking the cabin. Such services as straightening and painting are always in demand among motorists and car owners (especially in the period of icy conditions) the chrome service is less popular, but it also brings in revenue. It is possible to provide a car refueling service in the summer.
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