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Do Loyverse POS reports help analyze exactly which products have sold better?


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Yes most certainly! In the back office, if you click on "sales by item", you can see your Top 5 items that have been sold along with the amount and diagram next to it. You can also select the time frame for which you want to look at more closely (today, yesterday, this week, this month, or certain date(s)).
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    • Beckwith_Kitchen
      By Beckwith_Kitchen
      Hey Everyone,
      I'm setting up a Loyverse POS system for the business I work for. I'm using Star Pop and an Ipad. I need to get a report at the end of each day with the sales, and amount we collected in sales tax.
      Is there any way we can have the POS print out a sales report on the receipt paper?
      If not, how am I able to print out the reports that I generate in Backend? All the I can seem to print is screen shots, which doesn't give me all the sales
    • andres
      By andres
      Businesses, such as cafes, restaurants, and retail stores would normally create a work schedule for their employees based on shifts. Shift Management in Loyverse POS allows you to check the performance of your employees during a particular shift and track cash that goes in and out of your cash drawer. 
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      I have multiple stores in my account. I want to see the daily card payments for each store. How can I do this?
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      In the sales report appears some numbers in red and in green. What do they indicate?

    • Nicolas
      By Nicolas
      Would it be possible to choose the number of articles in the TOP. For the moment we have only the top 5 and I would like to see the TOP 10 or TOP 20 or TOP 30. thank you very much

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