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How to change receipt date format?


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I just want to know if it is possible to change the date receipt’s format? Instead of dd/mm/yy, I want to change the format to mm/dd/yy. Is it possible?

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Based on my experience, I have noticed that the receipt format depends on the region and country settings of your device's language. For instance, if your device is set to English (United Kingdom), the date format on receipts will be Day/Month/Year. However, if you switch your device's language to English (United States), the date format on receipts will change to Month/Day/Year

To change this:

On an Android device, you need to go to your settings -> Language


Then change the language depending on the language the date format you want.


On iOS devices, the receipt format also depends on the region you are in.

To check this, please go to your settings -> General -> Region


Format examples:

English (UK), the receipt format is Day/Month/Year

English (US), the receipt format will be Month/Day/Year

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