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How to set up POS for Laudry shops?


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My business includes laundry services where I offer dry, wash, and fold services, as well as combination laundry services. For example, a Dry and Wash service costs 150 Pesos, and if folding is added, the total is 200 Pesos. Can you provide some tips on how to effectively manage these services using Loyverse?

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Hello there @Maria_12 😉

For the combination laundry services, I recommend using the composite feature in Loyverse. This feature allows you to bundle multiple services under a single item, making it easier to manage and sell combo packages. To use this feature, you should first create separate items for each of the three services: dry, wash, and fold. Then, you can combine these individual services into a single composite item. This way, you can seamlessly offer and track combo services such as Dry and Wash for 150 Pesos, or Dry, Wash, and Fold for 200 Pesos, all under one unified item.

For example:


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