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Catagories on main screen.

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We can place individual items into Catagories such as hot drinks, sandwiches, cold drinks etc

But is it possible to have these Catagories on the main sales screen so that we can select say 'hot drinks' then whichever hot drink we want rather than having all products on the main sales screen which becomes very full up quickly.

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Hello @Bigal344!

If you are using a tablet or an iPad, we have this feature available where you can customize the sale's screen. 

If you're interested, you can check out this feature from our help article:



Also, we have released a new feature where you can add up to 30 'favorite' items. However, for now, this feature is only available in iOS/apple devices. But rest assured that this feature will be released in Androids too. 

You can check out this help article for detailed information:


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That looks like exactly what I was looking for, I suspect the reason I can't see it is that I am indeed trialing the software on my phone before purchasing a standalone system from Loyverse.

It's exactly what I was looking to do in so far as having categories on the main screen allowing me to click into the category and then see items contained within thus keeping the sales screen uncluttered.

Thanks so much for your help with showing me the solution.

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