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Resetting System to 0 sales


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I just downloaded the program and have been trying to learn.  I entered in a few of our menu items so I could see how everything is working.  Now It shows sales in the database and I would like to reset everything so that we can start from scratch with 0 sales, 0 refunds, etc.  I can't seem to find an option to do that.  Right now it is showing a few of the test sales and refunds I did but I would like to remove all of them.  Thank you!

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Hello there!

I'm afraid we do not have a functionality that allows you to reset your account, however, you can cancel the test receipts that you have made. 

You can cancel receipts in your account in the Back Office. 

When you cancel a receipt, it will not be accounted for in the reports, and all items will be returned to stock.

Please, check the tutorial for more details: How to Cancel Receipts

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