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How to manage airbnb business?


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I have guests who stay for multiple days and nights. I want to invoice them at the end of their stay, but also allow them to sign daily receipts. Is it possible to print bills for their daily usage/orders at the end of each day, with these daily bills accumulating as one at the end of their stay? For example, on Monday, the bill can include all their purchases for that day, which they can sign. Then, on Tuesday, the bill should only show the purchases for that specific day, excluding items from Monday. I don’t want the items from Monday to be included in the printed bill. Is this possible with Loyverse?

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Hey there!

With such a requirement, it is better to use the open ticket feature. With this feature, you can print the bills at the end of each day and then merge all the receipts at the end of their stay. Additionally, you can add a note to each ticket or customize the customer’s name on the ticket so that when you search, the names will appear as one. By doing so, you can easily merge all the tickets into one, combining them into the Monday ticket and changing the ticket’s name afterwards.


To rename the ticket, you can click the 3 vertical dots and ‘edit ticket’


You can also check this help article from Loyverse, maybe this can help you to discover more features under this open ticket:


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