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Incorrect receipt number when exporting sales report

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When I export my sales report, the receipt number converts as a date and when I extract it, it doesn’t give me the correct receipt number, what to do?image.png.0dbeca53a713c99b497a5d403c11dc31.png

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Oh! I also encounter the same situation every time I export my receipts. I also came here to find some solution to it, I hope someone can help us with this matter.

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Hello @Maria_12 & @atik

Let me help you 😉

When opening the file it is important to set up the settings accurately so it will not cause such an issue when exporting a report.

When using Google Spreadsheets, it is important to import the file as CSV and also not to enable the auto-convert data when extracting the file.image.png.79ae5fc370af6983deb39d54e9c4fc79.png

For more details instructions, feel free to check our article about this from our help center:

How to Open CSV File in Google Sheets


But if you wish to use MS Excel, it is important to set up proper settings from the application. 

To open the file in Excel, you can click on "Transform data".image.thumb.png.f8daecfcb88a8a894c5e2c6095ee5a33.png

Right-click the "Receipt number" column and choose the option "Chante Type" and then "Text".


A pop-up window will appear so click on "Replace current" to continue.image.png.fbf2b3971f9d2399c19715538354e4e2.png

Finally, click on the "Close & Load" button to open the file with the correct receipt number format.image.thumb.png.fad4e4e408d44d2d69501b1edba8a49b.png

Please note: It's really important to correctly use the "transform data" feature following the instructions I gave above. As incorrect execution could lead to wrong numbers.


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