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After I've added Variants, I can not edit new Variants.

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I own a bar and wanted to put some variants to mix with the drinks. Then I remembered that I can put "Service size" as another variant that might contain "Single" or "Double".

The thing is, once I've entered and saved variants, I can not add additional variants. How can I add additional Variants before I delete everything?


Screenshot 2024-04-01 at 18.27.07.png

Screenshot 2024-04-01 at 18.27.34.png

Screenshot 2024-04-01 at 18.28.14.png

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AFAIK you can only do this via importing a CSV. Once a variant with the new option is imported, you can create additional ones in the backend if you prefer. He's what that might look like (using your own information and correct price and cost fields of course).

I'm not sure why this isn't something possible from within the back-end.


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Hey @ACE-IroncladCafe

Thank you for the solution, I can work with that. Also I think this is a better solution to deal with the GUI. I've created all prices and variants in the CSV, add manual SKU's then import them all together. 

Thank you! 

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