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Rice business (wholesale & retail)


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If I have 50kg of rice(1 sack), how can I sell it per kilo?

For example, if the price of my rice per sack is 1,350, then when selling, I will sell it as 50 per kilo

My concern is, how can I reduce it from a sack when I sell 1kg?

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I've been in the same situation as you and managed it using Loyverse's composite feature. It's great for keeping track of stock. I started by setting it up to sell by weight and setting the cost per kilogram. That way, at the point of sale, customers can buy in smaller amounts, like ¼ or ½. Then, I used these smaller amounts to create a bundled item for selling sacks of rice


After completing this step, proceed to the composite item. When creating the next item, include this item per kilogram of rice as a component of the composite item. In the quantity field, indicate how many kilograms of rice are in one sack.

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I agree with her and want to explain further. 

This composite feature helps in sharing item stocks, which is really handy for both retail and wholesale businesses.

Using the examples above, you can create the composite item or per sack item like this:


To make the wholesale item, switch on the composite feature and add the retail item you created before. Put in the weight of one sack of rice, like 25 kilograms from the screenshot. After entering the amount, the cost is automatically calculated based on the retail price.

When you sell the wholesale item (25 kilograms), it subtracts 25 from your retail item per kilogram. This way, both wholesale and retail items share their stocks.

As you can see above, I activated the 'use production' feature. This feature is called Production and is only available to users who have subscribed to or are on a trial for our Advanced Inventory Management feature. It helps you figure out how many sacks of rice you can make with your current retail stocks. You can also use it to add stocks to your per kilogram item (retail item) using the disassemble feature.


After using the production feature on your wholesale item, you'll see the available stock for your wholesale item (per sack).


You can also check this help article for more detail explanation about this production feature:

How to Work with Production

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