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Excel scientific notation

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I have problems with my items. 

I’m having troubles when I scan my items in my shop, when I scan the item, it shows me error notification and when I exported my items list, I saw that my items looks like this?

Why does it show different barcodes? This is supposed to be 7480000000001 but in the file, it shows me this when I export the file.


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Have you tried turning off the Excel’s Scientific Notation feature? Based on my experience, this is sometimes the default from any spreadsheet especially if the spreadsheet is not in CSV format

Here’s how I did it:


The numbers in the formula cell should be 0

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But I have already imported this file on my Back Office.

All my barcodes looks like this:


Is there any way to undo this from Loyverse?

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Hello @Maria_12!

If you imported your CSV file into your Back Office with the scientific notation option turned on, it treated the scientific format as the actual barcode number, similar to Excel. Consequently, when exported, the modified format remained, leading to incorrect barcode numbers. Essentially, the system transferred the information from the Excel file directly into the barcode items without adjusting them.

Could you please check if you have the old file you used before importing? 

If so, you can import it again, but this time ensure that scientific notation is disabled. After importing, you should be able to view the barcodes with the correct numbers and scan them accordingly from the POS.

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Yes! I do still have the old file here in our PC. 

I did try your suggestion and it worked! 🙂 

Thank you so much!

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