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Discount error


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Hello guys hope you are doing great we recently just started using your software again but  we are facing problems with your discount system. 


So we are using amount type discount in this case its 375,000 Pesos COP

When applying it to a 601,891 pesos COP tab instead of dropping the price down to 226,891 it does 159, 391 pesos cop 

We would really appreciate your help regarding this issues.


Big thanks in advance

Screenshot_20240318_120337_Loyverse POS.jpg

Screenshot_20240318_121321_Loyverse POS.jpg

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As we compute the ticket that you sent, we notice that the tax/impuesto amount was changed from the 2nd screenshot that you attached



It is the reason why the ticket has a different total from your expected outcome.


If this is not the issue you are referring to, could you please provide further clarification?

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