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Multiple entries of the same variant on POS but not on Back Office


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We have a situation where the same product, and same barcode, appears on the POS as 3 Variants each with its own SKU number.
When scanning the product an error message " Multiple items with this barcode exist" appears.
These items can be clearly seen in the POS Items list under Variants of the main product.
When looking for these items in the Back Office only 1 appears.

I have tried Syncing the POS and Back Office but this has no effect on the problem.

When a new product is entered through the Back Office it allocates one of the invisible SKU numbers to the new product, presumably because it think this SKU has not been used.
When you look for the new product on the POS the error message "A product with this SKU already exists" appears.

I am unable to delete the duplicated Variants in the POS as there is no function to do this.
I am unable to delete the duplicated variants in the Back Office as they are not visible.

Please advise how I can resolve this problem.

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Hi Hanna,

I have 2 operators who enter product information, so I can't be sure of the details.
When the product in question is scanned, often the first digit of the barcode is missing.
My thinking is, I think, along similar lines to you.
I think the product was entered but when the barcode was scanned it did not read the correct number.
Alternatively, one of the operators likes to enter the barcode manually, this is prone to error.
Then, doing a separate check the product did not scan and its details were then enertered again, this of course create a new SKU number..
Subsequently the original entry was modified manually producing a duplicate entry with the original SKU number.

However, I still do not understand why these Variants do not show in the Back Office.


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I still do not fully understand how this situation occurred but with the help of Loyverse Help a solution has been found.

I signed out from the POS and shut it down.
After a short delay I restarted it and signed in.
The multiple entries no longer appeared in the POS listings.
I checked the Back Office and the two systems had sychronised accurately.

I then re-entered the product that had caused the problem and it was successfully entered with a new SKU number.
The product also scans correctly when making a sale.
I have subsequently added futher products without a problem.

I consider the problem has now been resolved successfully.

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Apologies for the late response, @Martinw24 but I'm happy that the issue was resolved already. 

If you have any other questions or need further assistance, don't hesitate to ask! 🤩

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