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Is it reasonably to invest in Italy?


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I just looked around and had some opinion.

– Italy is among the seven most industrialized nations in the world, with a highly developed production industry.

– Its economy is among the broadest in the world encompassing almost every type of industry, with a particular focus on cars, electronics, fashion products and machinery. Raw materials, meanwhile, are usually imported.

– Italy is agricultural sector is also a prime component of its economy. In fact, it's the world's seventh most dominant exporter of agricultural products, the principal products being wine, olive oil, wheat, milk, fruits, and vegetables.

– Aside from engineering and fashion, its other prevalent economic sector is tourism

– Italy is economy is dominated by only a handful of large businesses (some of which are state-owned), while much of the economy prospers thanks to the 3 million+ small to medium-sized enterprises, most of which are owned by a family or partnership.

– Investment opportunities are encouraged by incentives on behalf of the government, as well as regional and provincial authorities, particularly in the south of the country, where the industry is still lacking in comparison with the north.

– Foreign investors are also granted the same incentives as locals, such as subsidized loans, cash grants, and tax credit.

There are lot of opportunities)

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