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 Since it's Christmas season, our store will have a seasonal promo which is buy 1 take 1 free. How can I manage it with Loyverse?

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Specifically, we don’t have such features which do ‘ buy 1 take 1 free’ promo however, we do have a workaround for that might work for you. 


The 1st option, you can create the item as a composite. You need to create another item that will deduct 2 piece everytime you sold the item.. 

For example:

In the first step, make sure to create a unique item for the individual pencil. This will serve as the component later. Then, create another item for the composite. In this second item, add the original pencil as its component and set the quantity of the component to 2. This way, every time you sell the composite item, it will automatically deduct 2 individual pencils, and you can set the price for a single item.


On the description, you can add the notes for this promo, and on the name of the item, you can enter the name of your promo item.


As another workaround, in the discount settings, please enter a 50% discount in the percentage discount, and on the POS app, you can add a 50% discount to your item with the buy 1 take 1 promo.


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