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I'm looking to open up a pizza shop. is there any way to have like a topping ad-don option?

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I have a pizza shop that offers small pizzas and large pizzas. These will be Variants.

I have topping options for the pizzas that will be Modifiers.

How can I have topping options for small pizzas and topping options for large pizzas because they are different prices?

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Hello PizzaCreamTT

You can create separate items instead of creating variants for the two sizes of pizza and make modifiers for each one with different prices. (for example Items with the name "Small Pizza" and "Large Pizza" and create the modifiers "Small" and "Large" to assign to each Item. This is how you can work with Loyverse at the moment; however, this way only works when you have a few variants, but when you have many different sizes of pizza would be hard to do it.

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