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Track stock of coffee beans?


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Hi, I want to be able to track the stock of coffee beans.

We buy 1KG bags in at a cost of 18.77 

A single coffee uses 2.25g of ground beans. I've set this up as a composite item, consisting of the beans but when i do this, it reports the price as 42,23 which is obviously not correct and just the price of the full bag multiplied. 

I cant put the cost of the beans per serving as loyverse won't allow that. 

How do I track this? 

Many thanks

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Hello El-Cortijo!

May I ask, how many quantities did you enter in the composite item? and also how many in the items sold in your report that sold your coffee as 42,23?

Can you please give me more details so I can understand how to assist you accordingly? Thank you!😊


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