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How to set up items for my stationery store?


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I have a stationery store that sells papers, ball pens, pencils, etc. and I need to track my inventory by boxes and per piece. Can Loyverse do this?

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In this case, you might need to use the production and disassemble feature. However, just a heads up! This feature is not included in our free version.  

In this example, let’s use a pencil as the item 

To use this you need to create a composite item for the boxes and individual item for the pencil.

When creating an the individual item, you can add it as normal item and activate the track stock, put the cost, price and even description of the item then, save changes.


After the individual item, you will now proceed to the composite time which is the boxes. 

For the composite, please create the item -> name it to your liking, for example, ‘pencil per box’ and then activate the composite toggle.

On the items, you need add the individual item as the component of the composite item.

In this screenshot, you can see the description of the item, the cost was automatically calculated based on the component’s cost for the quantity, you need to enter the pieces of the pencil in a box. And in my case, I have 2 dozen, so I need enter 24 as per the box's quantity.


To track the stocks of the components, you need to activate the ‘use production’ toggle however, this feature will only be available if you’re in trial or subscribed to the Advanced Inventory Management feature. If you don't like paying the optional add-on, you can still sell per box, but the quantity will be deducted from the item's component (per piece) every time you sell a box of pencils.

For example, if you have 48 individual pencils in stock, when you sold 2 boxes of per box, the stocks of your "per piece" will become 0 since in 2 boxes contain 48 individual pencil


For more information about the production and disassemble feature under Advance Inventory Management, please refer to this help article:


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