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Same Item, Different Costs


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I get the same items with different costs depending on prices provided by retailers.

How can we set multiple costs to be able to track our losses and gains based on that? 

For example:

I have bought 1000 cartons of charcoal at the price of 20 AED, i sell them at 65 AED
then i bought a promotion with 5000 cartons of the same charcoal at the price of 10 AED to be sold also at 65 AED.

How can i make this work on the system?

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I understood

Have you activated advanced inventory?

If you are buying products and made an order inquiries for the same product with differernt prices; the cost will be counted as an average between different prices

Ex. If you bought X item with cost Y and bought it again with cost Z, the cost will be set as Y+Z/2

Hope that helps,,,

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