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Combo items

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How can I configure combo items in Loyverse and have the stocks combined and sold out as one?

For example:

1 piece of chicken plus 3 chips

6 pieces of chicken + 2 chips + 1.25 liters soda

burger + soda

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Hello Atik!

In order to create combo items, you need to configure a composite item from your back office so that when you sell the combo item, the item’s stocks will be deducted automatically.


The first step is to create a component item for the composite. So the component item will be the individual item that you will add to the combo item.

For example, create the chicken, soda, chips, and burger, then activate the track stock option and add the item’s stocks to the stocks field. 


After adding the components, you can now proceed and create a new item for the composite item. 

For this, you can name the combo’s name, and then in the inventory section, please activate the composite toggle and add the combo’s components from there. You may use SKUs or the item’s name. 

Another tip: To identify the combo's items immediately, you can also put the combo’s item in the item’s description. 



As you can see from the image above, you need to activate the composite option -> add components -> add the quantity of the items. In my case, I have 2 chickens, + 1 soda + 3 chips in my combo 1.

After saving the item, you can now proceed and sell it on your POS app.

Since the components have track stocks activated, you will see that every time the combo item is sold, the component’s stock will be deducted as well.

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