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Sell an item with 3 different barcodes under the same inventory?


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May I ask? What about things that come in a variety of packaging?
For example, a carton of Coca-Cola may include 24s, and 6s in the same carton with a different barcode, and lastly a single unit with another barcode. All three barcodes should be assigned to the same parent-child SKU.

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Hello Atik! 😊

In this case, you can use the composite item feature.

With this feature, you can add the single item coke, and make it composite into 24s & 6s packs of coke and all of the items will share on stocks under the single/individual item.


For example:

This is for the single coke. With this, you need to put the cost for each coke bottle and then activate the stocks -> enter the stocks of every single bottles that you have in-hand


And then after saving this item, you can now create a composite item for the 24s and 6s.

For this, you need to create another item and activate the composite item option 


In the components, you need to search for the Coke (single item) that you created earlier.


As you can see from the screenshot, you need to enter the 24 in the quantity and also see that the total cost will also be calculated based on the €5 from the single item 5(cost)x24(quantity)= 120.

So after saving this composite item, each time you make a sale for 24s of coke, the 24 pcs will be automatically deducted on your single item so if you have 100 in stock of individual bottles, you will have 76 in stock after selling 24s of coke.

You can create the same steps for 6pcs and make different barcodes for each item. However, it is not possible to make all 3 items use under one SKU but with this workaround, all of the 3 item’s stocks will be under one main item and use different barcodes in each item.

Let me know if you had hard time to understand or if it's clear 😊


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