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Wholesale and retail sales


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I have a store that offers retail and wholesale. What I did is I created an item, let's say COKE ZERO CAN 325ML. I used 2 variants for Retail Price and Wholesale Price. If the customer will buy minimum of 3 items (example 3pcs coke zero can), it will be sold as wholesale price, else, it will be sold as retail price. I want to track the inventory of all my items but I noticed that items with different variants have different inventory stocks. 

Is it possible to sell my coke zero can with 2 variants but referring only to one or same inventory count? Example, I have 20pcs stocks and in that day, I sold 5pcs retail and 10pcs wholesale price, so my actual inventory count of that day would be 5pcs coke zero can.

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Hello, Hansel99!

In this case, I'm afraid we don't have the feature where we can limit the item in the retail. 

With this, you can manually add the retail quantity of the item and with the wholesale item, you can name the wholesale item for example: coke(wholesale) and create the quantity of your wholesale item.image.thumb.png.7f4d26a5b58f35c81b3a1817b62359dc.png

With this, you can add the general stocks in your Coke(Retail) so that all of the sales under the wholesale item will be deducted to the retail item. 


For example:

You have 20pcs of coke in can, you sold 5pcs for retail and 10pcs in wholesale item, in the retail's stocks all items that was sold will be deducted to the retail's stocks. So at the end of the sale, your retail item should still have 5pcs. 

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