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Detail day by day of the payment type


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I'm searching in the back office the way to export a report date by date of the type of payment.

The Shifts report could do the job, but the export do not contain all the fields

Is there an another way?



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Hello there!


It would be best to export your 'Receipts' report. Please head on to your Back Office and then go to your 'Reports' and choose 'Receipts'.image.png.828465e5e68b4cdaad19742df3d521ed.png

And then, please click on the 'Export' button and choose 'Receipts by item'.

Once you export the following report as a CSV file, you should be able to see a more detailed overview of the information of your receipts including the individual payment types of each transaction.



Hope this was helpful!

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Thank you for your answer.

I need a summary for each day. It's possible to categorize  the Receipt export in Excel but it will more simple to have all the fields directly export from the back end. 

The shift report contains all what I need. Is it possible the change the export linked ?

(I'm testing the application and without this feature it's not possible for to go to production)



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Thanks for your proposition.

In this export you don't have all the fields, only those one:

  • Store
  • POS
  • Shift number
  • Shift opening time
  • Shift opened
  • Shift closing time
  • Shift closed
  • Starting cash
  • Cash payments
  • Cash refunds
  • Paid in
  • Paid out
  • Expected cash amount
  • Actual cash amount
  • Difference

No field about card payment other Pay in / Pay out

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It is possible to export your Pay-in / Pay-out report by clicking on the 'Export' button in your Shift report section in the Back Office.image.png.d86f8759b12dbef11ada82f113552022.png

But if you would like a more detailed report of your day-to-day card payment transactions, it would be best to export your Receipts report as mentioned above or check your 'Sales by Payment type' report in your Back Office.

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Hi i need same as Francois.

Export report "Sales by Payment type" but day by day. Now is posible only one day export or sumary export (ex.month). I check solution how export many days in one export, not sumarysed, but one day on one line export. Is very userfull not just for me  

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