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Different pricing by dining option

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I need my items to have 2 prices for Dine-in or Online delivery. Because my prices are different in take-out or online orders because there are disposable items that we use in those options. I know a workaround that I can enter it as tax but I don’t want my customers to see in their receipts it was as a added tax. I need this to work, can someone advise me something, please?

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Hello, Atik!

Sure thing! I have another option that might work for you 😉

We can suggest making 2 items with different prices, regarding the stocks, you can be able to add the first item (€200 Dine-in) and another one as the component (€250 Take-out).

For example:

In this item (Noodles) I set the price to €200 for normal dine-in and activated the "track stock" option below.

In the inventory section, I set the stocks to 2pcs in-stockimage.thumb.png.83580cf94429eabed207fd5c3523556c.png

Then, create another item for the GRAB (TAKE OUT OR DELIVERY) that has different pricing then add this Noodle as its component. You can either add a small note beside the item’s name like the name of the online ordering platform or you can base on item’s SKU or price when choosing the item in the POS



After this, when you sell this item on the POS, the stocks of the noodles will be deducted, in this case, the 2 items share the same stock inventory but they will have different price.


After making a sale, the item for GRAB (Online delivery) stocks will be deducted under the dine-in item 




Please let me know your feedback if this will work for your business 😉😉😉


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OMG! I haven't thought of that!

Thank you very much, Hanna!

I think that workaround will work for my small business and I can use it under the free version! Superb! 🥰 

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